Living In Sydney’s Inner West (and why it’s the best)

Petersham Sydney Inner West

If you are looking to move to Sydney (or move to a new suburb within Sydney), it’s likely that you ask yourself one question: Where in Sydney should I move? Sydney is a beautiful city, but it is also very large; and trying to pick a suburb can get quite confusing for anyone who is […]

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The 5 Most Inspiring TED Talks For Expats

Quote William Langewiesche

I recently noticed that I don’t seem to tend to compare my current life in Australia with the many years I spent living in Germany and Switzerland. I kind of just go with the flow. I guess that’s a good thing, as it means I’m not dwelling on the past too much. Nevertheless, I think it’s important to take a […]

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Applying for a Partner Visa 801

couple at sunset

The Partner Visa 801 or permanent Partner Visa is the second stage in the partner migration process. You can only apply for this visa 2 years after you have applied for the first stage of the visa (temporary Partner Visa 820). You can read up on how to apply for the 820 here on my […]

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How to apply for a Partner Visa 820

stack of documents

Before I start, here are a few facts around my visa journey: I applied for a Partner Visa 820/801 in February 2014. The temporary visa (820) was granted in May 2016, and I became eligible to apply for the second stage permanent visa (801) this month (February 2017). I applied onshore (from Sydney) and submitted […]

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Moving to Sydney: my (visa) story

Sydney harbour bridge, shadow on water

The story of how I ended up moving to this beautiful city begins in 2009, which is when I met my now-partner Ty while travelling in the UK. For the next five years, we were in a long-distance relationship, travelling between Germany/Switzerland and Australia, visiting each other for sometimes weeks, and sometimes even for a […]

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Exploring Tasmania

Cradle Mountain reflection, Tasmania

Time for my first post, yayy! I should probably write an elaborate and motivating post about my plans and resolutions for the New Year, however our 11-day trip to Tassie in December was so awesome that I’d rather reminisce about it a bit more before I take on 2017 🙂 We picked up the hire care at Launceston […]

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