The Inner West Food (and Drink!) Series: My 5 Favourite Pubs

The Inner West Food & Drink Series: My 5 favourite pubs in Sydney's Inner West

After sharing my favourite cafes, lunch spots and restaurants in Sydney’s Inner West, it’s time for the last instalment of the Inner West Food Series: my 5 favourite pubs in the Inner West. There’s a reason why Aussies tend to “love their local” – pubs are the perfect place to spend a boozy Sunday afternoon with friends, grab a bite, or have some fun playing Trivia or watching the footie. In the Inner West, we’re spoilt for choice – here are five of my faves:

The West Village

The West Village in Petersham boasts trendy interiors, a lovely outside seating area, a well stocked bar and a mouthwatering menu. When they first opened after renovating what was previously the White Cockatoo, they struggled a little to get a good meal on the table within a reasonable timeframe. These issues have since been sorted and I now absolutely love the food and service at the West Village. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the pub is family-friendly, making it a very comfortable local hangout.

The Royal Leichhardt

Another player in the gastropub category, the Royal Leichhardt serves up a delicious menu in their upstairs dining area. The decor is amazing and the winter garden and balcony (overlooking Norton Street) make this pub the perfect place for a relaxed Sunday lunch with the whole family.

Oxford Tavern

Housed in what was previously a strip club, the Oxford Tavern in Petersham is young, fun and very loud. I wouldn’t put this one in the family-friendly gastropub bucket, and that’s a good thing. The Oxford Tavern is a great spot to have a couple of cold ones (or something stronger) with your hip friends while munching on some fried foods from the American-inspired menu (think loaded fries, hot dogs and southern fried chicken).

The Toxteth Hotel

The Toxteth Hotel in Glebe is a spacious pub with a great beer garden. It has a classic pub feel to it and boasts daily specials, Trivia nights and more. It’s a lovely spot for lunch with a bigger group, or even if you just want to watch some sports or play pool with a couple of friends after work.

Courthouse Hotel

The Courty in Newtown is a classic pub with a spacious (dog-friendly!) beer garden. Located on a backstreet in Newtown, it’s a true “local” and a great spot to catch up with a group of friends over a couple of drinks. It can get quite busy on weekends, which makes for a really communal atmosphere.



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