The Inner West Food (and Drink!) Series: My 5 Favourite Pubs

Bottles of alcohol at a Sydney pub

After sharing my favourite cafes, lunch spots and restaurants in Sydney’s Inner West, it’s time for the last instalment of the Inner West Food Series: my 5 favourite pubs in the Inner West. There’s a reason why Aussies tend to “love their local” – pubs are the perfect place to spend a boozy Sunday afternoon with friends, grab a bite, or have some fun playing Trivia or watching the footie. In the Inner West, we’re spoilt for choice – here are five of my faves:

The West Village

The West Village in Petersham boasts trendy interiors, a lovely outside seating area, a well stocked bar and a mouthwatering menu. When they first opened after renovating what was previously the White Cockatoo, they struggled a little to get a good meal on the table within a reasonable timeframe. These issues have since been sorted and I now absolutely love the food and service at the West Village. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the pub is family-friendly, making it a very comfortable local hangout.

The Royal Leichhardt

Another player in the gastropub category, the Royal Leichhardt serves up a delicious menu in their upstairs dining area. The decor is amazing and the winter garden and balcony (overlooking Norton Street) make this pub the perfect place for a relaxed Sunday lunch with the whole family.

Oxford Tavern

Housed in what was previously a strip club, the Oxford Tavern in Petersham is young, fun and very loud. I wouldn’t put this one in the family-friendly gastropub bucket, and that’s a good thing. The Oxford Tavern is a great spot to have a couple of cold ones (or something stronger) with your hip friends while munching on some fried foods from the American-inspired menu (think loaded fries, hot dogs and southern fried chicken).

The Toxteth Hotel

The Toxteth Hotel in Glebe is a spacious pub with a great beer garden. It has a classic pub feel to it and boasts daily specials, Trivia nights and more. It’s a lovely spot for lunch with a bigger group, or even if you just want to watch some sports or play pool with a couple of friends after work.

Courthouse Hotel

The Courty in Newtown is a classic pub with a spacious (dog-friendly!) beer garden. Located on a backstreet in Newtown, it’s a true “local” and a great spot to catch up with a group of friends over a couple of drinks. It can get quite busy on weekends, which makes for a really communal atmosphere.



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