Applying for a Partner Visa 801

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The Partner Visa 801 or permanent Partner Visa is the second stage in the partner migration process. You can only apply for this visa 2 years after you have applied for the first stage of the visa (temporary Partner Visa 820). You can read up on how to apply for the 820 here on my blog.

So, what actually happens once your 820 has been approved? Well, it’s likely that you have been waiting for up to 18 months for the approval, as processing times are constantly increasing. Your application for the permanent Partner Visa will therefore come around only a couple of months after you have been granted a temporary Partner Visa 820.

In my case, my 820 was approved in May 2016, and I received an email requesting further info for the permanent Partner Visa in December 2016, i.e. 2 months before the 2-year anniversary of my initial application. Note that you can only apply exactly two years after you have applied for the 820 – the email by DIAC is sent out earlier in order to give you a couple of weeks to get your documents sorted.

The good news is that there is no additional application charge for this visa, as this second step is included in the price when you pay for your 820. The only cost I had for this one was around $50 for the AFP Police Certificate.

How to get started:

The process of setting up the application is pretty simple:

  • Log into your ImmiAccount

  • Start a new application and select “Stage 2 – Permanent Partner Visa Assessment 100/801” (this is listed under “Family”)

  • Insert the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) from your Stage 1 application

  • Complete the online form

  • Hit “submit”

  • Upload relevant documents

Note: your passport should still be valid for at least 6 months. In my case, my passport would have expired 5 months after the application date. I therefore applied for a new passport a couple of weeks before my eligibility date to apply for the 801. It’s pretty simple to change your passport details if you have applied for your 820 online: log into your ImmiAccount, click on the listing for your 820 application, there is an “Update Us” button on the left >> click it and follow the prompts >> the details will update immediately. I’m just mentioning this here because it I had some trouble finding that “Update Us” button (it’s kind of hidden).

What documents are required?

  • A new National Police Certificate from the AFP (Complete Disclosure – Code 33)

  • Certified copy of your passport

  • Certified copy of your partner’s passport

  • 2x Forms 888 filled out by Australian citizens or permanent residents (these forms need to be signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace), as well as certified copies of your witnesses’ identity documents (proof of Australian citizenship/permanent residency)

  • Form “Statuary Declaration – Partner Visa” filled out by your partner

Note: All of the above forms need be uploaded to your ImmiAccount (you can only do this after you hit submit on the online application form).

In addition, you need to supply proof that your relationship is still genuine and ongoing (the focus is on your relationship since the grant of the temporary Partner Visa 820).

Here’s a list of what I uploaded:

  • All electricity bills that we have received since the grant of the temporary visa (these are addressed to both of us)

  • A recent letter from our real estate agent informing us of a rental increase (this is addressed to both of us and confirms that we still live at the same address)

  • Various flight and hotel bookings that show both our names (all from trips that we have undertaken since the grant of the 820)

  • All bank account statements (joint bank account) that we have received since the grant of the 820

  • Recent statement for our joint savings account

  • A postcard that we received to our address (scanned)

  • A presentation with various photos of us together or at social events (included date and occasion on the slides), as well as a few screenshots of us arranging social events with friends via Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

I also re-uploaded both of our birth certificates, national ID and our Relationship Registration Certificate just in case. I believe this isn’t 100% necessary, as the applications for the 820 and 801 are linked, i.e. DIAC should have access to these documents anyway.

That’s it! I am now waiting for my permanent Partner Visa to be processed. From what I can see on the DIAC website, processing times for this visa have increased to 15-18 months (from previously 6-8 months), so I might be waiting for a while!

I’ll keep you posted!


PS: DIAC also provide a one pager with a checklist and step guide for this visa. You can download it here.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me directly via

Please note that I’m not a qualified migration agent, nor do I work for immigration. This post simply details my experience with applying for the visa. If you need additional advice or more up-to-date information, please contact DIAC.

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