Fighting The Winter Blues: One Week in Far North Queensland

Fighting the Winter Blues: One Week in Far North Queensland

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a number of photos from my recent trip to Far North Queensland. It’s the perfect place to go if you’ve got a bad case of the winter blues. It’s warm, easy to reach, fairly affordable and there is lots to see and do! If you’ve […]

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10 Free(-ish) Things To Do in Sydney This Winter

10 free things to do in Sydney this winter - harbour view along the Taronga to Balmoral Walk

Exciting news! My family are coming to visit this month! This is the first time they’re coming to visit in the three years that I have lived in Sydney. With them staying in Australia for a whole month, we have some exciting trips planned (watch this space!), but I also want them to experience the […]

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The Inner West Food (and Drink!) Series: My 5 Favourite Pubs

The Inner West Food & Drink Series: My 5 favourite pubs in Sydney's Inner West

After sharing my favourite cafes, lunch spots and restaurants in Sydney’s Inner West, it’s time for the last instalment of the Inner West Food Series: my 5 favourite pubs in the Inner West. There’s a reason why Aussies tend to “love their local” – pubs are the perfect place to spend a boozy Sunday afternoon […]

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What The Bridging Visa A Lets You Do & When You Need A Bridging Visa B

What a Bridging Visa A lets you do and when you need a Bridging Visa B

If you have hit “submit” on your Partner Visa 820 application, chances are that you received an email almost immediately informing you that you have been granted a Bridging Visa A (this is assuming that you’re applying onshore). Are you wondering what this means? Well, it basically means that the Bridging Visa will kick in as soon […]

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The Inner West Food Series: My Top 5 Restaurants To Go Out For Dinner

My 5 favourite restaurants in Sydney's Inner West

Now that we’ve tried the best cafes and the best places to go out for lunch in the Inner West, it’s time for dinner! Check out my 5 favourite restaurants in Sydney’s Inner West below. Il Grappolo They call themselves “Rozelle’s Hidden Gem” for a reason – this place is incredible! Take your pick from […]

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The Inner West Food Series: My Top 5 Places To Go Out For Lunch

My top 5 places to go out for lunch in Sydney's Inner West

If you’re still hungry after trying my 5 favourite cafes in the Inner West, check any or all of the places below – they’re perfect for a casual weekend lunch. Ungaro Raw This vegetarian/vegan joint in Rozelle (across from the Rozelle Collectors Market) is one of my all-time favourite lunch spots. My favourite dishes on the menu […]

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The Inner West Food Series: My 5 Favourite Cafes

My 5 favourite cafes in Sydney's Inner West

Given my recent post about why it is great to live in Sydney’s Inner West, I thought it is time I let you know about a few of the great cafes, restaurants and watering holes that I have discovered so far. There’s quite a lot to share, so I will be splitting this out into several posts […]

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Living In Sydney’s Inner West (and why it’s the best)

Living in Sydney's Inner West (and why it's the best)

If you are looking to move to Sydney (or move to a new suburb within Sydney), it’s likely that you ask yourself one question: Where in Sydney should I move? Sydney is a beautiful city, but it is also very large; and trying to pick a suburb can get quite confusing for anyone who is […]

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The 5 Most Inspiring TED Talks For Expats

The 5 most inspiring TED talks for expats

I recently noticed that I don’t seem to tend to compare my current life in Australia with the many years I spent living in Germany and Switzerland. I kind of just go with the flow. I guess that’s a good thing, as it means I’m not dwelling on the past too much. Nevertheless, I think it’s important to take a […]

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Applying for a Partner Visa 801

Applying for a partner visa 801

The Partner Visa 801 or permanent Partner Visa is the second stage in the partner migration process. You can only apply for this visa 2 years after you have applied for the first stage of the visa (temporary Partner Visa 820). You can read up on how to apply for the 820 here on my […]

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